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ETRMA veröffentlicht Positionspapier zu den künftigen Handelsbeziehungen zwischen der EU und Großbritannien

The European Tyre Industry – Facts and Figures 2020

European Tyre & Rubber Industry – Statistics 2019

Part of the work of ETRMA is that of collecting information and data with regard to the tyre and general rubber goods industry. This report should give you a clear picture of the size of the European Industry and its relation with the rest of the world.

The General Rubber Goods Industry and its Challenges

The general rubber goods industry is fundamental and yet mostly unknown to the general public as well as to policy makers. From aerospace to aeronautic, from the depth of the seas to the depth of the earth, from agriculture to household appliances, rubber products are everywhere and serve all kinds of industries, whose products could not function without the often small technical rubber products.

The Rubber Goods Industry at a Glance

The European Tyre Industry – Our Vision for 2030

The European tyre industry and policy makers should work towards a sustainable regulatory network. One which incentivises innovation, and helps the sector both maintain its economic and technological leadership and meet its societal objectives (road safety, environmental performance). This means that Europe needs a regulatory environment which encourages proactive action, and consists of predictable, smart, effective and enforced legislation. The European tyre industry has proven to be a reliable partner for European regulators.